Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Intelligence Summary # 15: Warning Delivered/Ships Missing

Stardate: Thirday, 102-130 ABY/Tarsan Intelligence Service (TIS)

Subsector: Shannekam
Warning Message to Pierson Station Delivered
A subspace radio transmission from Pierson Station on Zenya, confirmed they received the warning about the impending attack by Bongolaanian forces.  The station's starport received a garbled transmission from Diplomatic Security Team Three (DST-3), on board the Gadnek Survivor.

 The ship arrived within a day of being dispatched from Ku Crassus. 
 The message from Pierson Station also mentioned the Gadnek Survivor was approached by the Zenyan Mainland United Government (ZMUG) corvette, Jamhuri
 Data on the Jamhuri, is as follows: 
 The Jamhuri may have employed its jamming systems against the Gadnek Survivor which interfered with their transmission to Pierson Station.  This however, cannot be confirmed. 
Attempts to contact and locate either vessels have failed. 
So it is unkown whether or not ZMUG is openly hostile to Tarsan vessels and shipping interests.
While corvettes are among the smallest military starships, the Jamhuri could easily outgun an armed freighter such as the Gadnek Survivor

Saturday, November 24, 2012

News Brief # 17: Missing Persons on Ku Crassus

Stardate: Wonday, 100-130 ABY/Fringe Info Network (FIN)--Ku Crassus Bureau
Subsector: Shannekam
"All the news that's fit to transmit."

Several Police Officers Now on "Sick Leave"

FIN has just learned that the five surviving police officers involved in the gun battle at Cortona Park have fallen ill, or have somehow been injured.  The firefight erupted two days ago when a Tarsan Diplomatic Security Team (DST) became involved in an altercation between a force-user and a street gang.  Within moments, the fight escalated when a squad of Sith Mutants covered the escape of the force-user, rumored to be their Sith Lord.  Two patrol cars and several officers from the Cortona Police Department (CPD), responded to reports of blaster fire erupting in the capital city's central park. 

A spokesbeing for the CPD, who spoke on condition of anonymity, would only say that the officers were placed on sick leave.  However, follow up calls to Cortona hospitals and doctors' offices revealed that no one from the CPD has checked-in to report any illnesses or injuries.  Calls made to hospitals and doctors' offices across the planet also turned up negative. 

The police officers involved in the gun battle are not the only ones missing from the public eye.  All the homeless beings that inhabit, or frequent, Cortona Park are nowhere to be found.  At this time it is too early to jump to the conclusion that there is a connection between the two vanished groups.  However, it seems unlikely that this is a mere coincidence.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Redshift Tales #1

A few months ago, the folks at Comic Life put out a Version 2.  I bought two copies right away and downloaded them to my PC and laptop.  The new version has some cool templates and features, but there is a noticeable learning curve after being so use to the initial version.

I finally found some time to do some serious playing around writing the other day.  As an opening test I wrote this vignette, Tales from The Redshift Chronicles: Carnage in Cortona Park.  (You can also click on Redshift Tales #1 under the Chronicles Pages tab). 

This was based on an actual gaming incident this past summer.  During a session of my Star Wars Role Playing Game (SWRPG), the good guys were chasing a high-powered bad guy through a city park.  One of the players tried to shoot said bad guy, but rolled a "1" on a 20-sided die (d20).  In the d20 game system this is considered a fumble, which can have disastrous, or hilarious consequences, depending on which side you're on.

Fortunately for our hero, the result "only" turned out to be a burned-out powerpack in his weapon.  However, despite being safe from immediate harm, this single malfunction jeopardized the entire team.

I took some liberties with the dialogue, primarily for the sake of space, but I like to think I captured the spirit of the banter that ensued.

I'm not sure if I'll use this new Comic Life version for Breakout from Bongolaan and other full-length graphic novels I plan on writing.  For now, I'll toy around with the program and post vignettes, especially comedic ones, when my muse inspires me.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mixing and Matching Figures

A few of weekends ago, I went on a two gamestore shopping spree, that I posted about several days ago on Stern Rake Studio.

At the Hobbytown store in Wilsonville, OR, I ended up buying four boxes of AT-43 figures. While I like pre-painted miniatures, I felt the Rackham products were a bit too pricey. "Were" being the operative word, because the company went into liquidation a couple of years ago. (I guess other gamers thought their figures were too pricey too).

This was, however, unfortunate because they made excellent quality figures. They're now offered discount prices from sites like The Miniature Market and on the discount shelves in some retail stores, like Hobbytown.

I didn't snatch-up the packages right away, but spent over an hour pondering whether or not to buy them. This was not because the figures were lacking in quality. On the contrary, they're awesome looking.

My major concern was whether or not I could integrate these with my 25 millimeter (mm) Star Wars Miniatures. The Hobbytown staff, while helpful, weren't sure if the AT-43 figures were 25, 28, or even 30 mm.

I didn't have access to the internet, nor did I bring any of my Star Wars figures for a comparison. With the "clock ticking" (I had to pick up my girlfriend from work), I decided to buy four of the box sets, all from the "U.N.A." (United Nations of Ava).

So, without further ado, here's my latest sci-fi figure purchase:

The first set I decided on was the U.N.A. Star Trooper Squad.

This consists of 6 x troopers with assault rifles, 1 x trooper with a "Volcano Machine Gun," and a Star Trooper leader.

Rifle squads often need additional fire support, so I selected the U.N.A Star Trooper Attachment Set.


Some, (or maybe all?) of the troops, bearing the following weapons can be added to the basic squad: Missile launcher and flame thrower, along with another Volcano Machine Gun. A medic and/or engineer can also augment the squad, along with another officer/NCO.

All these figures have detachable heads that can be swapped out with triple-lens helmeted ones.

Troops wielding heavy weapons is one thing, but they're still foot-bound infantry.

What about mobile firepower?

As with Star Wars, the AT-43 universe seems fixated on "mechs" or "walkers." The only two I found at Hobbytown were two "Fire Toads," Mark 02 and Mark 03.

At 50% off I couldn't pass these two up. Now that my troops have mech support it was time to answer the big question: Are these figures compatible with my 25mm Star Wars Miniatures?

These U.N.A. troops bear a passing resemblance to Rebel Hoth troopers, so when I got home and conducted my photo-shoot, I dug out the appropriate Star Wars Miniatures for a direct comparison...

..."Dang!" The AT-43 figures are visibly larger than the Star Wars ones, even when looking at them from a distance. By the time I was taking these pictures I had access to the internet and confirmed the AT-43 figures are, in fact, 28mm. 

But then I started thinking: Maybe the mech/walkers can be integrated with the Star Wars figures?

Before answering this question, I placed a U.N.A. soldier and a Fire Toad side-by-side, for an initial comparison:

Then I placed a Hoth Trooper next to the Fire Toad:

Hmmm. Not bad. In fact, I think the size ratio seen in the above photo is more appropriate.

I mean, mechs SUPPOSE to be BIG, right?


So this purchase wasn't a total bust.

I may buy a squad of "Red Block" infantry as opponents to the U.N.A. which will give me a couple of small forces for 28mm-scale games. More importantly, I'm seriously considering obtaining more AT-43 vehicles for my sci-fi collection--especially if they're offered at discount prices.

After some more internet snooping I came across pictures of "O.N.I" vehicles and figures (some are conversions):


They appear to be more suited for police/security/riot control than heavy combat. However, they have that Aliens look that sci-fi gamers love--which is why these vehicles are almost impossible to find.


Just what I need--another quest for out-of-production game material.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

In Case You're Wondering...

...why there's been no post for over a month and a half, I have a couple of answers. 
First of all, last month was busy for me, real-lifewise.  On the professional front, we're training a new coworker and we were dealing with a large wildfire in Central Washington State.  So I've had to work more hours at my day (night & weekend) job in emergency management.
On the personal level, my girlfriend's son got married less than two weeks ago.  While this wasn't on the same scale as a Royal Wedding, a lot of planning and preperation was conducted to set up the chapel and reception area--and to clean up afterwards.  Dancing with my girlfriend for the first time made all the hard work worth it.
The second issue dealt directly with this Star Wars RPG campaign I've been running.  Out of the five players that signed up, three of them; representing the player characters (PCs) Cad So Billes, Thege Kli Klotaz and Sei'do Avari; decided to leave the game.
After several e-mail discussions, two prime reasons for their departure were made apparent to me.
First, due to my rotating work schedule, it's impossible for me to run this, or any campaign, on a fixed day of the month.  So it was hard for the players to maintain their enthusiasm about the campaign on such an irregular schedule.
The critical hit of this campaign was:  The players felt they were mere spectators in my campaign. 
They were not incorrect in feeling this way either. 
My rational for my game mastering style was, that I set this game up as a military campaign.  Military life tends to be directive in nature.  An armed force can't have its soldiers galavanting hither and yon all over the realm/planet/galaxy.  In this game, our heroes would be assigned a mission and once they neared their Area of Operations (AO), how they achived their objective, was left up to them.
Apparently, I've been too directive, despite my best intentions otherwise.
So the RPG aspect of this campaign is, at best, in hiatus.  Our heroes are currently en-route to the TAg Market Islands, to warn the inhabitants of an impending attack by Bongolaan.  We'll tie-up any loose ends of this RPG story arc and come to some form of conclusion. 
Since two of the players expressed a keen interest in the wargaming aspect of this campaign, I hope to continue the story as a "Star Wars military history."  I also have plenty of material for a series of graphic novels, based on the adventures so far.
So stay tuned Redshift Chronicles fans, there's more to come.
Thank you for your time, support and interest.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Intelligence Summary #14: Alderaan's Vengeance, Mercenary Cruiser Profile

Stardate: Sixday, 098-130 ABY/Tarsan Intelligence Service (TIS)
Subsector: Shannekam

Profile of the Mercenary Cruiser Alderaan's Vengeance

The starship, Alderaan's Vengeance, has been a fixture in the Tarsus System for several years now.  During this time, the "Aldi Vee" provided escort to merchant vessels and security to planetary facilities, on a contractual basis. 

Two days ago, the Aldi Vee departed for Ku Crassus and according to Captain Robert Ulgo, accepted "...a long term contract outside the Tarsan system."

At the moment, it is doubtful that Captain Ulgo will do business with any Imperial-based employer.  Ulgo and a large portion of the crew are descendants of Alderaan's expatriate community, people who happened to be away when their world was destroyed by Palpatine's first Death Star.  As a whole then, the crew of the Aldi Vee bear a deeply-rooted hatred towards the Galactic Empire and its subsequent variations.

Another point to consider is that despite the ship's departure, family members of the crew have remained on Tarsus. 

Despite these apparent assurances, the current political-military situation remains uncertain and there are dozens similarly outfitted vessels operating within this subsector, which our ships may encounter as either friendly--or hostile.

Ship Capability:

While classified as a "mercenary cruiser," in reality, Alderaan's Vengeance is a modified CR90 Corvette.  The specific modifications include:

--Moving the two laser batteries to midships
--Removing one blaster battery and moving the remaining blaster forward
--Replacing the point defense (PD) battery with an Area Defense Anti-Fighter (ADAF) system
--Adding a hangar bay
--As a consequence to adding the hangar, the vessel's thrust is reduced to 5

(GM's NOTE:  Ship statistics are based on Star Wars Full Thrust Rules). 

The ship's hangar currently holds 4 X-Wing fighters and 2 assault shuttles. 

For Full Thrust, use a 4-ship counter/stand to represent the X-Wing fighter group.  More detailed specifications can be found in the Star Wars RPG supplement Starships of the Galaxy

Note of caution:  The actual book, by Wizards of the Coast, is out of print, but according to Google, is available for as a free PDF download.  I own the hardcopy, so I can't vouch for the validity and safety of the download sites listed in the Google hyperlink above.

Fighter-to-fighter combat can also be conducted, if you can find a copy of Star Wars--Star Warriors.

 The shuttles are capable of transporting 2 x 8-man squads/2 x recon speeders/one of each.  Various types of shuttles are available, the most generic consisting of one support weapon.

The Aldi Vee has a complement of 184, consisting of the following positions: 

The ship's captain
3 x Doctors
37 x Emergency Crew
3 x Engineers
12 x Medics
9 x Officers
3 x Intelligence Officers
18 x Pilots
24 x Ship Gunners
100 x Technicians

1 x Mercenary Captain
8 x Mercenary Scouts
42 x Mercenaries

(GM's NOTE:  The NPC stats for these individuals can be found in the Star Wars RPG supplement, Threats of the Galaxy).

The ship's troops, the "Alderaan Avengers," are divided into the following:

5 x 8-man squads
4 x 2-man scout teams (on foot or operating the recon speeders)
1x 3-man command team

The ship's troops are known to wear a variety of armor; short of power, or battle armor, while armed with standard blaster weapons. 

The scouts, on the other hand, prefer to wear light armor, for swift movement and concealability. 

The ship's "Dust Devil" recon speeders can be outfitted with enhanced sensors, or blaster cannons. 

While highly trained and motivated, the total strength of the Alderaan's Avengers, equates to a reinforced platoon.  Of the 5 squads on board, a maximum of 4 will be deployed off-ship during any given operation.  One squad provides shipboard security at all times.  The entire force is capable of the following missions:  starship escort, shipboard assaults, raids, personal or facility security and training cadre. 

GM's Notes on Possible Squad Capabilities and Stats:

Our gaming group has utilized, or experimented, with the following rules for sci-fi wargaming:

Fubar, Stargrunt II  and Future War Commander.

Squad Data using Fubar:

Mercenary Infantry
Activation: 3+
Expertise: 4+
Suppress:  3
Armor:  Medium-5+, or Heavy-4+
Possible weapons:
Blaster Rifle--2 Firepower Points (FPs)
Blaster Pistols--1 FP
Grenades--3 FP
Heavy Blaster--3 FP

Mercenary Scout Team
Activate: 3+
Expertise:  4+
Suppress:  3
Armor:  Light-6+, or Medium-5+
Possible weapons:
Same as mercenary infantry, but substitute a sniper weapon for the heavy blaster.
Special abilities:  "Chameleon Power"

Squad Data using Stargrunt II:

Squad Type:  Infantry
Unit Quality & Leadership:  Veteran (orange counters)
Full Strength:  8
Armor:  Full Suit (light)--D8/Scouts, partial suit (light)--D6
Sensors:  Standard--D6/Scouts use Enhanced--D8
Small Arms Types:
Blaster Rifles*:  Firepower--2, Impact--D10
Possible Support Weapons:
Heavy Blaster (infantry):  Support Firepower--D6, Impact--D12
Sniping Blaster (scout):  Firepower--D12, Impact--D8

If the entire platoon is involved in a large-scale operation, then the following stats from Future War Commander may be used:

HQ (CV8)
Move: 40F
Attack: 2/30
Assault: --
Hits:  6L
Save:  6
Cost:  130

Recce Team
Move:  10F
Attack:  1/30
Assault:  --
Hits:  3L
Save:  6
Cost:  40

Recce (Dust Devil landspeeder)
Move:  30 G
Attack: 2/30
Assault:  2
Hits:  3L
Save:  5
Cost:  50

Move:  10F
Attack: 3/30
Assault:  3
Hits:  4L
Save:  6
Cost:  70

Other sci-fi rules are available for conducting battles involving the Alderaan Avengers, such as:

Tomorrow's War, Gruntz5150 and Blasters and Bulkheads.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

News Brief #16: Carnage in Cortona Park

Stardate: Sixday, 098-130 ABY/Fringe Info Network (FIN)--Tarsus Bureau
Subsector: Shannekam
"All the news that's fit to transmit."
Tarsan Security Detail Involved in City Park Gun Battle

Two days ago, members of Diplomatic Security Team Three (DST-3) were involved in a firefight in the middle of Cortona Park on Ku Crassus.  The team happened upon a meeting between an apparent Sith Lord and the Bongolaanian delegate, after the Tarsan-Bongolaan negotiations ended for the evening.  After the meeting, the team attempted to follow the Sith, but were ambushed by a strike team of rifle-armed Sith Mutants.

The blaster fire alerted the Crassian police, who dispatched a squad to the scene.  All five of the Sith Mutants were killed, along with one Crassian police officer, in the ensuing battle. 

However, these were not the only casualties.  Several gang-members and a couple of homeless beings were reported killed while DST-3 was in hot pursuit of the Sith Lord.  Currently, there are conflicting reports on the causes of death among the park-dwellers.  An investigation is now underway to determine if DST-3 employed indiscriminate blaster fire during the chase.

One homeless man did survive, despite suffering from cardiac arrest.  The individual, who bears some resemblance to Janos Gazdag, Professor of Economics at the University of Shanneka, was escorted into a police land speeder by DST-3.  The professor has been missing for several days now.  (See the bottom story of News Brief #13).  The identity of the survivor taken out of the park has not yet been released.


The Sith Mutants sacrificed themselves to allow their leader to evade DST-3's pursuit and the subsequent search by Crassian authorities.  An anonymous source in the Crassian System Defense Force told FIN, it is possible this being is off-planet by now.  If he has access to Sith Infiltrator starships, like the type spotted landing on Gadnek Island in the Zenya System.  Such vessels are equipped with cloaking devices and can easily evade military-grade sensors and scanners. 

If this is so, then it is anyones guess where this Sith Lord and his mutant strike teams will turn up next. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Webcomic Chapter 4 Posted

Breakout from Bongolaan's Chapter 4 has been posted and can be found on pages 85-123. 

The soundtrack interlude to this chapter is:  When the Levee Breaks, by the ladies of Zepparella.  I thought this tune evoke the sense of danger and despair in the face of an approaching storm. 

I've made a couple of changes to help streamline the process of posting my graphic novels.  The nature of the modifications can be found in the Webcomic Link Page on the Stern Rake Studio site. 

Now that Chapter 4 is available for viewing, it's time for me to add some news briefs and intel summaries on what's transpired recently in the Redshift...

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Operations Order 130-2: Emergency Redeployment of Tarsan Task Forces

Stardate:  Fiday, 097-130 ABY, Tarsan Commission of Diplomatic Affairs (CODA)
Subsector:  Shannekam

Flash Message to:  The Directory Council of Tarsus

From:  Eleonora Heraud, Commissioner of Diplomatic Affairs

Subject:  Emergency Redeployment of Task Forces 627-1 and 627-2

Begin transmission...

It has come to our attention that the People's Republic of Bongolaan intends to launch an invasion of the TAg Market Islands on Zenya, despite the current attempts to seek a diplomatic resolution. 

According to our reliable sources, the attack is scheduled to commence two days from now.  It will take three days for a subspace radio message to reach Pierson Station.

Therefore, we are dispatching the armed freighter Gadnek Survivor, (pictured in the lead image at Cortona Commons Starport on Ku Crassus), with elements of Diplomatic Security Team Three (DST-3), to Zenya and warn the local Tarsan authorities on the TAg Market Islands.

We are also dispatching Task Force 627-1 to rendezvous with Task Force 627-2, currently in the Zandamak System.

Together, these forces will make all speed to Zenya and evacuate Tarsan citizens from the islands, as initially detailed in Operations Order 130-1


A military-grade hyperdrive was just installed on the Gadnek Survivor, thanks to TAg Market CEO, Thasallah Cohain.  This vessel should reach Zenya within a day.  Based on our best-scenario calculations, Task Forces 627-1 and 627-2 should arrive within six hours prior to the scheduled attack. 

We hope.

The Zenyan Mainland United Government (Z-MUG) is divided over this issue.  We do not believe they will obstruct, or hinder our operation.  On the other hand, the Mainlanders won't likely help us either.

May the Force grant our ships and our citizens safe passage in the days ahead.

End transmission...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

News Brief #15: Assassination Attempt Against the Tarsan Ambassador

Stardate: Thirday, 095-130 ABY/Fringe Info Network (FIN)--Tarsus Bureau
Subsector: Shannekam

"All the news that's fit to transmit."

Tarsan Ambassador's Convoy Attacked!

After the pirate attack on 092-130 ABY, the crippled Tarsan Ambassadorial Vessel, Tangletree Envoy, took an additional day to arrive at Ku Crassus.  Due to the extensive damage on the starboard engine the ship made a hard landing at Cortona Starport, just outside the planetary capital.  There were no reported injuries.

Immediately upon landing, members of Diplomatic Security Team Three (DST3), organized a convoy for Ambassador Heraud and her staff.  Due to the threat of a possible Offworlder Riot, like the ones erupting on nearby Zenya and Zandamak, there were no Crassian security assets available to escort Ambassador Heraud's motorcade.  (Note:  DST3 initiated a formal complaint against the Crassian Government for the lack of VIP security).

The attack occurred just as the convoy approached Cortona's downtown district.  At least three beings, in red armor and armed with slug-throwing rifles, appeared over a tenement roof ledge and fired on the vehicles as they sped by.  (See the topmost image).  DST3 returned fire with their blasters, forcing the attackers back from the ledge.  The vehicles suffered minor damage, but there were no reported injuries.  The Tarsan Delegation arrived at the Crassian Government Building without any further incident.

It is unknown at this time if this incident was related to the pirate attack, or merely coincidental.  In any case, there is unconfirmed speculation that the red-armored attackers are the same, or at least similar beings to the ones encountered by DST3 on Zenya's Gadnek Island.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

News Brief #14: Pirate Attack Against Tarsan Ambassador

Stardate: Tuday, 094-130 ABY/Fringe Info Network (FIN)--Tarsus Bureau
Subsector: Shannekam

"All the news that's fit to transmit."

Pirates Attack Tarsan Ambassadorial Ship!

Two days ago, Ambassador Heraud's vessel, the Tangletree Envoy, was attacked by a pirates as the ship neared the asteroid field in the Ku Crassus System.  Due to a slight miscalculation, the Tangletree Envoy came out of hyperspace several light-seconds behind it's escort the armed transport, a YT-1300 light freighter, Gadnek Survivor.

The attack occurred just as the ambassador's vessel was maneuvering over the asteroid field.  Two TIE fighters opened fire, bringing down the starboard deflector shield and causing minor hull damage.

The Tangletree Envoy then plunged into the asteroid field to avoid further damage from the pirate mother ship.  The desperate maneuver brought the ship too close to an asteroid, which smashed the starboard engine (seen in the above image).

Meanwhile, the Gadnek Survivor maneuvered back to protect the crippled vessel, which was now leaking nuetronic fuel.  Apparently the appearance of another starship distracted, or panicked, the crew of cutthroats.  The pirate ship collided with an asteroid as it attempted to outmaneuver the Tarsan transport (seen in the image below).

Despite suffering from forward hull damage, the pirate vessel and its accompanying fighters, were more than a match for the YT-1300.  Fortunately, a small Tarsan task force, consisting of the corvettes Skaig and Skerron, led by the frigate Deft, dropped out of hyperspace.  Now suddenly outnumbered and outgunned, the pirate ship quickly retrieved it's fighters and made the jump to hyperspace before the Tarsan warships could pursue.

It is unknown at this time whether this attack was a random occurrence, or if the pirates were informed of the ambassador's specific itinerary.  It is rumored the pirates belong to the Hidden Dagger Clan and may be responsible, at least in part, for the higher-than-normal ship disappearances that have occurred in this subsector.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Webcomic Chapter 3 Posted

When I started this story, my intent was to post one chapter every month.  Unfortunately, I had some technical difficulties which caused all the pictures to be deleted when exported them from the Comic Life program to computer's C-Drive.  I'm sure this was due to operator error.  In any case, I didn't have time to recreate Chapter 3 before travelling back east to visit my family.

Despite being a month behind, Chapter 3 has now been added to Breakout From Bongolaan which consists of pages 48 through 77 (54-84 using the slideshow) and is also posted on my Stern Rake Studio site.

The Soundtrack Interlude for this chapter is:  I Know There's Something Going On by Frida.  I always thought this song evoked a sense of mysterious foreboding.

One of my friends told me he couldn't find the second chapter.  I realized that clicking on a picture initiates a slide show, so the reader may not see any of the narrative on the blog's page.

In response to this, I created title pages for each chapter.  Here are the titles for the previous chapters:

I used images that weren't already incorporated into the body of the story.  Since only a fraction of the photos I've taken get put into the story, finding a suitable pictures for titles has been easy--so far.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

News Brief #13: Public Discovery of the Sith Mutants

Stardate: Sixday, 091-130 ABY/Fringe Info Network (FIN)--Tarsus Bureau
Subsector:  Shannekam

"All the news that's fit to transmit."


FIN has learned that the special operatives involved in the rescue of Damethon Cohain, confronted hundreds--possibly thousands--of cannibalistic Sith mutants on Zenya's Gadnek Island. 

At least two squads of mutants, equipped with firearms, were led by a force-user, possibly a Sith Lord.  Unsubstantiated reports that Sith mutants can appear as normal beings are now being circulated throughout the subsector.  "Ground Zero" for this rumor sprung from Mappel Street, a week ago, in the Zenyan capital city of Kairobi.

Fear gripped the suburban residents as they accused offworlders--even friends and neighbors--of being Sith mutants, or collaborating with these monstrosities.

 In less than 24 hours, fear--and riots--engulfed dozens of cities on Zenya...

Two days later, "Offworlder Riots," erupted on the neighboring system of Zandamak.

Constabulary forces on both worlds were overwhelmed and planetary militia forces have been activated to quell the violence.  Hundreds were reported killed and thousands injured, while businesses, homes and even public facilities have been destroyed.  At the time of this news brief, the unrest on both worlds continues unabated and casualties continue to mount.

In other news across the subsector...

Shanneka Constabulary officials reported Professor Janos Gazdag, Professor of Economics and the subject of a possible ethics scandal, has disappeared.  (See News Brief #11).  His home, located on the Shanneka University Campus, showed no sign of break-in and no items, including clothing, appeared to be missing. 

However, after thoroughly examining the professor's computer, it was discovered that his entire upcoming work, An Economic Assessment of the Independent/Non-Aligned Worlds of the Shannekam Subsector, along with all his research notes, have been completely erased from the hard drive. 

At the time of this news brief the Shanneka Constabulary was seeking a warrant to examine and monitor Professor Gazdag's financial accounts.

GM's Notes:

The inspiration for the spark that has ignited the Offworlder Riots came from the Twilight Zone episode, The Monsters are Due on Maple Street.