Tuesday, May 7, 2013

After Action Review #4: The Evacuation of Vianda and Ooverton

Stardate: Fiday, 104-130 ABY/TAg Market Island Security Forces
Subsector: Shannekam
Planet: Zenya
Region: The Tau-Tau Autonomous District
After Action Review:  Evacuation of Vianda and Ooverton;

Early Morning, Local Time
Shortly before midnight, local time, the Ooverton Constabulary Battalion (OCB) secretly advanced into the Vandalla Jungle.  The battalion's mission was to establish an evacuation site near the southern shore of the island.
Once the site was established, the citizens of Vianda (population:  3,260) and Ooverton (population: 2,325) began to quietly evacuate their homes, via hiking trails through the jungle. 

Everyone was asked to turn off, or preferably abandon, electronic devices to avoid detection from the sensors of the 599DILTF (Task Force--consisting of the 7th and 8th Cohorts/599th Droid Infantry Legion).
At two hours before dawn, a task force of grav barges and grav boats, escorted by Grav Patrol Boat (GPV) 253 and GPV-254, began their approach to Vandalla's southern shore. 
Despite the slowness of the operation, due to the need for stealth, 3,463 civilians have reached the evacuation assembly area. 
Scouts from the Vianda Constabulary Battalion (VCB) and OCB reported no unusual activity among the two battle droid cohorts, beyond patroling their respective perimeters. 
Current Tactical Assessment:
2,122 civilians are still attempting to make it to the assembly area.
It is unknown at this time, how long the battle droids will maintain their defensive posture. 
The 599DIL-TF may launch an attack once approaching grav boats are detected, or when the civilian evacuation gets under way.
GM Notes:
The pictures used for this blog have been done over with an "oil painting" effect available on Paint.Net, a free picture-enhancing download.  The photos, from top to bottom are:  Burmese Refugees, Vietnam Refugees and U.S. Marines on Patrol.