Monday, April 3, 2017

Starfleet Battles Miniatures Collection

(Image:  Title page of Taylor Hord's webcomic)
I got into Star Fleet Battles (SFB) right when it was first published in "pocket games."  I moved on to Federation Commander a few years ago, but still have a lot of SFB stuff, along with other Amarillo Design Bureau (ADB) material.

Like movies, TV shows, books, graphic novels and webcomics, like Star Trek Beta Fleet; game designers utilize tropes--storytelling shorthand--when whipping-up Fluff.

The good folks at ADB have made a great use of such tropes for SFB throughout the years, primarily Space Is An Ocean, to give players a plethora of Standard Sci-Fi Fleets.
Despite being a long running tabletop game, the one thing I never bought all these years were ship miniatures, for my own Standard Sci-Fi Fleet.

So when my friend Dan was preparing to move, he offered to sell me his starship collection, I found it impossible to say "no."

Every figure pictured below was painted by Dan.

My contribution to this photo-op was providing the star field mat from Monday Knight Productions.

The United Federation of Planets (the Trope Codifier for--well--The Federation)

(One of the most recognizable starships in sci-fi)
(Image:  A Federation dreadnought escorted by cruisers, a frigate and scout/destroyer)

The Romulan Star Empire (a.k.a Space Romans)
(An uncloaked Warbird/War Eagle)

(The "problem" with this figure is--all the great detail is underneath)
(Another shot of Dan's great detail work)

(A Sparrowhawk modular cruiser)

The Klingon Empire (a.k.a. Proud Warrior Race)
(A dreadnought escorted by a battlecruiser, destroyer and frigate/escort)

(A battlecruiser on patrol)

The Gorn Hegemony (a.k.a. the Reptilians)
(A cruiser on patrol)

The Orion Syndicate (a.k.a. Space Pirates and The Syndicate)
(A Salvage Cruiser trailing two Slavers)

(Two small freighters--or maybe even Q-ships)

The Interstellar Concordium (a.k.a. Well Intentioned Extremists)
(A cruiser on a peace enforcement keeping patrol)

The Hydran Kingdom (a.k.a. Starfish Aliens)
(A Ranger Cruiser protecting the Kingdom)

The Andromedan Invaders (a.k.a. The Greys? Or maybe Little Green Men on steroids? Who knows?)
(A Mothership and her Satellite Ships)

Thanks to some comments on Facebook, when I posted this on my Stern Rake Studio, I learned this ship is a Kra'vak crusier from Full Thrust.

The Lyran Empire (a.k.a. Cat Folk)
(A Tiger-class cruiser escorted by two frigates/destroyers)

(A close up of Dan's detail work--this time on top of the ships)

The Kzinti Hegemony   (a.k.a. another breed of Cat Folk)
(Cruisers, destroyers and a frigate escort a tactical tug)

(An CVE--escort carrier being escorted by cruisers, destroyers and a frigate)

(A BCH--heavy battlecruiser, or CVS--strike carrier under escort)

a(A CVA--attack carrier, or SCS--space control ship under escort)

(A strike force launches all its attack shuttles)
In addition being able to unleash a Macross Missile Massacre against their non-feline foes with their drones (missiles), the Kzinti pioneered the use of attack shuttles to provide players with Old School Dogfights.
(A true cat fight--not the titillating kind--is about to ensue)  

Thanks to Dan, I now have at least one ship from nearly every race in the SFB 'verse.

The only vessels I don't have, for now, are Tholians (Insectoid-like Aliens) in which to ensnare trespassers...
(Image from:  Memory Beta--The Tholian Web)

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