Saturday, October 20, 2018

Seasonal Conditions for Works-in-Progress

(Image from "ThursonTalk" taken by Douglas Scott

It's been unseasonably warm throughout this week.  Despite the nights getting cold, the daily temperatures are near 70 degrees.

So I took advantage of the mild weather to do some projects in my "outside workshop."

On the table are some barricades for Warhammer 40K, some metal bases and a plastic office desk tray that I'll be converting into a futuristic building.

I don't have any place indoors to do any spray painting or priming.  This is a "seasonal" job for me.  From what I've observed, paint doesn't adhere well if the temperature is below 65 degrees.  While during the summer it's too hot for me to paint outside in the first place.

Flocking (adding terrain material to a figure's base) can also be a seasonal job.  I do this on my garage desk/workbench.  (This was part of a larger desk my second ex-wife gave me, but is too large to fit in the house).  The reason I do my flocking in the garage is because no matter how neat I try to be, I end up getting bits of stuff scattered everywhere, as you can see here:

Seen in the picture are some Warhammer Epic-scale Imperial Guard infantry figures, a couple of Chimer armored personnel carriers, two Planetary Empires terrain pieces, some World War II micro armor figures, along with some buildings made for Battletech.

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